signature eyelash extensions


Natural Full Set

90 mins

This set is a full set of "Classic" 1-1 eyelash extensions or a hybrid of classic and 2D extensions. 

Natural and defined look


Glamorize  Full Set 

120 mins

This set is a hybrid full set of "Classic" 1-1 eyelash extensions plus added 3D-4D Volume lashes for added drama OR can be  a dramatic full set of Classic lashes.

Perfect for Brides and Vacations


Soft Volume

105 mins

This set is my signature set of 3D & 4D volume lashes. Perfectly hand crafted fans delicately placed on one natural lash.  Time is cut in half from full set of volume lashes. 

Great for sparse short lashes, or those looking for a softer volume look. 


Voluminous Full Set

150 mins

This set is a full set of volume lashes 3D-5D.  Handcrafted fans placed on one natural lash. This appointment will last for just over 2 hours. 

Volume lashing is a technique not a look but for this set it's a LOOK!   




Short Relash

up to 60 mins

Touch-up existing set approx.  2-3weeks for your last application. 
Do not book this is you have used mascara, or any other damage.  Please book only if most of your extensions are still in good shape.  


Long Relash

up to 90 mins

Touch-up existing set approx.  3-4weeks from your last application.  Must have at least 40% of your extensions left.

If it has been only been a few weeks and they need extra love please book this touch instead of "Short".


Extend Relash

up to 120 mins

Touch-up existing set can be any where between  4-6 weeks from your last application. This is for those who:

  1. Have 20% of there extensions left
  2. Orginal set was a Voluminous Full set or Glamorize Full set and have less then 50% extensions left
  3. If you require extra love from damage
  4. If your original application of Natural Full Set or Soft Volume was not thick enough please book this at 3weeks. This will take it to the next level of Fullness.