Before/After Care


BEFORE arriving to your appointment please ensure you have no makeup on lashes or around your eyes, this may prevent adhesive from bonding to your lashes. 

  • If possible the day of appointment do not rub any eye cream, moisturizer or oils on or around your eyes oils also prevent adhesive from bonding to your lashes.  I will prep the lashes but this will assist in achieving the best hold. 

  • For your comfort do not drink coffee or high caffeine beverage right before your booking, so your eyes and body will be relaxed. 


AFTER avoid Water or Steam on your lashes for minimum of 24 after service to allow to cure and bond to natural lash.  Please avoid extreme activity or heat such as swimming, saunas, hot yoga, bike riding or jogging for 36 hours. 

  • Always avoid high heat directed on face. The oven, barbecue, facial steamers and hair dryer are examples of high heat. Turn away from oven before opening and let heat out before putting your face near. 

  • Avoid products containing Oil as a top ingredient it may break down the adhesive and your extensions will fall off faster. 

  • Avoid products that contain "glycol" usually is a substitute for oil, but has been known to affect bond of glue as well or harden the adhesive.

  • After 24 hours, water is your friend! Please keep lash line and lashes clean and always gently comb lashes out after being wet. here is a link of a video of a lash cleanse please watch…..

  • Thayers Brand Witchhazel is inexpensive and could be used on lash line as soothing makeup removing or lash line toning option, BUT lashes still need to be cleansed with water regularly

  • Avoid term waterproof & other hard to remove makeup products. Please test makeup on back of hand, if you cannot rub off with water don't use while while extensions.  WATERBASED Makeup or eyeshadows/powders is best

  • Avoid Mascara if possible, Volume lashes with mascara applied will need to have a new set applied not touched up. 

  • Wash lashes and lash line daily or every second day after the initial 24 hours of not getting them wet. Clean with water, or a foaming lash cleanser.

  • CLEAN lashes ARE healthy lashes. Make sure to clean entire lash line back to front.

  • When you don't cleanse properly Blepharitis (please google if you are not sure about this) it can happen over time which is build-up  of bacteria your lash grow suffers and your overall eye health.

Cleansing of VOLUME LASHES 

Clean your volume lashes as you would you classic lashes. Use cleansing brush (soft makeup brush) or your finger. Foaming cleansers work the best!

  • The difference with volume lashes comes in the drying process. After cleansing, brush through the fans to separate them while they’re wet.

  • Do this consistently as your lashes are air drying to keep them fluffy and the fans wide